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Mad Founders’ Tea Parties

Our Tea Parties are a fun way of connecting with our audience, but as with all things Task Page, here’s the story behind them.

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Hand & Martini Glass

Here’s the brutally honest story behind the Tea Parties.

We’ve had an agency of one kind of another for years. Many years. So naturally we thought we knew our stuff.

Of course, we didn’t. We knew our world, but not yours.

In fact, when task.page began it was an entirely different beast, different identity, positioning and concept.

A chance discussion with an agency owner who made me realise we were crusading, and the excellent book by Wiley – Value Proposition Design – made me realise we were asking the wrong questions.

Now there’s only so much you can do over a zoomba, and we had a lot of great calls with agency owners across the UK who helped us shape the broad direction of where we’re going. But we wanted to get deeper under the skin.

So we’re doing it with food and drink and merriment, rather than can-you-hear-me-now? connections behind the glass.

Here’s why / how we’re splashing out in F&B

We’re starting small. One-on-one (or two or three) lunches or dinners in favourite places. Warming up our company credit card and confusing the accountant with receipts. This is startup land and every penny counts. Plus there’s only so many FTR lunches and dinners we can manage before they become Mad Account Manager Tea Parties rather than Mad Founders’.

No such thing as a free lunch… but we do think we’ve got a bit of a win win lunch at least.

Wins for US:

  • We like to write up the stories of our Tea Parties. It gives us some content and shows everyone who our audience is and why we’re working with them. Cialdini would call that social proof.
  • We get to pick your brain for an hour or two or three on the pains you face around receiving and delegating work (understanding those means we can try and fix the ones that are worth fixing)
  • You might think we’re cool, share a thing here and there, tell your friends and become advocates for us
  • We get to eat in great places we wouldn’t normally go and live to tell the tale.

Wins for YOU:

  • You get “in” on the inner circle and help us shape the product in your image – that means bigger shouts for features and integrations that will change your world
  • You get a nice content piece with a couple more backlinks and profile views. We both know that’s worth little in our nascent period, but who knows when we’ve got a content library and traction to rival the Hubspots of the land!
  • Once you’re in, you’re in – when all goes to plan we’ll have thousands of connections to add to your world. We’re making friends all the time and love to introduce buyers, sellers and partners.
  • You get to eat in your favourite places and live to tell the tale.

We’re going big, One on ones are nice. But who’s to say we can’t have way more fun and provide way more value with bigger groups in venues?!

Wanna come?

If you fancy a Tea Party, just want to be kept up to date, want to be on early bird list for discounts or whatever – just pop your name on the list in the pink footer. No spam, no fluff, just the good stuff.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash