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You Need The Words

When somebody asks you what that new thing you’re working on is, you better have the words ready.

Posted by Chris in Blogs » Journey
Man confused

There’s a frustrating thing that happens all the time around this point in a project.

It’s where your brain is holding a gigantic multidimensional puzzle into which you regularly add and remove pieces.

To you, this puzzle is unabbreviated and complete, the sum of your knowledge so far. Each tiny piece connected in a hundred ways to a hundred other pieces.

In your mind you spin, explode, rearrange, smash and rebuild it.

And this game is constant, as new data comes to your attention, the puzzle adapts. Reforms.

And then you meet an acquaintance. They ask how business is. You tell them you’re working on a new thing. “Ooh, what’s that?” they say…

… and honestly, you have no idea what to say.

The breviloquent phrase you thought up for the merch makes no sense out of context (“Make Doing Done”) and makes you appear completely bananas. A stumbling rendition about managing delegated tasks whether delegated to you or from you is simply dull.

This is the point where spending time crafting the words will pay dividends in short order.