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Jan Navratil @ ADAMAPP

Jan joined us for a tea party at Two Point Thai where we learned just how organised ADAMAPP is.

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* The Elevator Pitch

Jan Navratil

The Scene

A tiny look-not-twice eatery called Two Point Thai in a street behind the behinds of Paddington. Turns out this place is run by the nicest madman ever who chose our food for us (in spite of Jan knowing his stuff). Pictures of the King and family on the walls and amazing food. Totally understated and definitely a go-back place.

Oooh, the pain

The reason we’re propping up the F&B scene across London is to discover what we should be building before we start building it. Which agencies have pain we can fix and which pains are worth fixing.

Or, which agencies we can’t help.

Turns out an agency like Jan’s is so tightly bound to a process, there’s little that falls under our purview.

BUT. That’s not to say there’s nothing we can’t help with. Here’s some of the gaps we can squeeze into, even after all that nosh.

There’s a lot of tasks going on at any one time. And there’s no easy way to see the realistic status of a task across the board without diving into every item, sending demonstration of work emails or “Hey Jan, how’s that blah going?”

In fact, a huge thing is to know that something is happening on a task, not necessarily where it’s at. Just cutting out that “did you get my task, have you started” noise is a big thing.

The oft iterated paradigm of something like “percentage complete” is particularly useless because a) most tasks don’t have a way to measure percentage complete and b) many tasks require nothing but thought and research for a week before sudden completion in an hour one day… how do we know if it’s on, ignored, or just not updated?

Huzzah for our simple dashboard overviews with honest statuses!

Formal sign off on a task becomes tricky when it’s near completion. As the number of stakeholders increases or the output from a task becomes the input for the next, gets tricky to hang onto your horses.

Good job we have that whole pre-post task signoff workflow trigger.

Iin an agency like ADMAPP, only certain things need to be shared with clients at certain times to give them overview of what’s going on inside the agency. These guys aren’t receiving endless tasks after all, they’re specifying great big projects that are then broken into many pieces internally.

So, lucky we have a granular system for sharing each piece of each task page as required.

The Last Word on ADMAMAPP, by ADAMAPP

What’s ADAMAPP and why’s it different?

We are a software engineering and design house. We provide an end-end development cycle with in-depth consultancy about overall strategy, business logic, future-proof architecture, fit to use UX, sleek UI, and carefully picked code framework to build with the latest dev practices.

Adamapp is different because we genuinely care and are part of your team striving for combined success.

Who we work best with:

We work best with executives and startup founders who have a complex task/problem and need a tech partner for innovative and scalable solutions, not just pure coding.

One more thing:

The life of a founder or C level executive can be pretty stressful, and significant decisions are on the table often. You don’t sometimes realise that these decisions can be pretty easy tasks for other strong experts in the field, so don’t hesitate to ask them as it can elevate a lot of pain ๐Ÿ™‚

Contact Jan Navratali on LinkedIn or check out ADAMAPP here