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...and while that's going on, we're publishing a blog about our journey, our video series THINK! and hosting our Mad Founder Tea Parties* IRL.

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*The Mad Founders' Tea Parties are our way of connecting, and your route to more network, discounts when we launch, influence over the product and unspecified real life fun. Yes, that means meetups and Failure-To-Return lunches.

01.005: Hippocampus Time Travel
November 26, 2021

Your hippocampus time travels to see if reality is matching up to its expectations…

Matt Phillips @ PPR
November 24, 2021

Matt lead us astray to the secret rooms of the Cleveland in darkest Paddington for a PR Tea Party…

01.004: Functional Shift Shizzle
November 23, 2021

Functional shifts are some shifty fun to employ in your communications.

Presuppositions suppose many things on your behalf..

01.002: That Pencil Experiment
November 23, 2021

Always check your sources. Even your favourite happy pencil experiment might not be all that it seems.

01.001: Atomic Copies
November 23, 2021

When do iterations stop being improvements and start becoming copies?

Jan Navratil @ ADAMAPP
November 11, 2021

Jan joined us for a tea party at Two Point Thai where we learned just how organised ADAMAPP is.

Timea joined us for a Mad Founder’s Tea Party at BigMomma’s Gloria where we ate and drank and spake agency speak.

Sometimes things aren’t all they seem, even when everyone tells you that they’re set in jam.

You Need The Words
November 4, 2021

When somebody asks you what that new thing you’re working on is, you better have the words ready.