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Timea Kadar @ Francis Cooper Consultancy

Timea joined us for a Mad Founder’s Tea Party at BigMomma’s Gloria where we ate and drank and spake agency speak.

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* Francis Cooper Marketing as told in the voice of Timea

Timea Kadar

The Scene

Big Mamma Group’s Gloria is a greenery-covered 70’s Capri style trattoria decorated with Shoreditch stickery cool. Inside it’s a cartoon of Italianess. A Nona’s kitchen. The superb food, cocktails and wines are served with the style and panache of the Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 3 Napoletano staff. Get a reservation and go.

I spent some excellent tea-party time there grilling the absolutely no-nonsense Timea Kadar about the pains her agency faces in delegating / managing delegated tasks.

Ouch, it hurts

Francis Cooper Marketing is a consultancy, delegating tasks to its clients. As such the pains Timea describes are quite different.

Here are a few doozies:

Managing the process of managing clients’ implementation at scale becomes difficult – making sure your clients are doing what you’ve asked them to do requires discipline, a system, and clear processes.

Yippee for our simple dashboards, reporting and process portal!

Some team members are transient, returning or being hired as an when. That brings the challenge of training, retraining and generally keeping people up to date on the process needed for a specific task.

Huzzah for our process documentation attached to any task!

The natural tendency for (us) marketing types towards disorganisation and lack of rule-following is a thing.

Tick! for our least-touch-possible interface!

A task might have a chain of operation – the output from the first person’s work becomes the input for the second, the output from the second the input for the third etc. Trying to manage that process adds endless extra comms into the deal and great chances to mess up.

Lucky we have task chaining in the spec!

Although not everything is a project, tasks definitely need to be grouped together for reporting and overview when you’re doing something like one of the cool events Timea puts on…

Just as well we can do that.

The Last Word on Francis Cooper, by Francis Cooper

What’s Francis Cooper Marketing and why’s it different?

We are a marketing consultancy. We build marketing strategies for companies who implement them, and see outstanding results. We help them position, package, price and pitch their services and products.

And we train teams to do better marketing.

We’re different as we also spread the love of marketing, through our events, online and offline, like ConvertX Marketing Festival, and the London Marketing Club meetings.

Who we work best with:

We work well with clients, who understand that marketing matters, have tried a few things, and now would like to do it properly, and have a clear plan for that.

One more thought:

Marketing is not about focusing on a tool, outsourcing it to someone, and preferably forgetting about it until they show us the reports. It’s a management tool, part of everything the company does. Tools, and technology change while the basic principle stays the same: building an audience, meeting them where they are, and giving them what they are ready to take at that stage.

Connect to Timea Kadar on LinkedIn and check out Francis Cooper Marketing.