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Charli Hunt @ Proof Content

Charli joined us for a Mad Founder’s Tea Party at Randall & Aubin on a grey Soho afternoon in October. Here’s a small selection of her agency pains and how they relate to our roadmap.

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* Charli's elevator pitch in her own voice

Charli Hunt

A Little Background

Randall & Aubin has taken prime position on Brewer St since ’96. It’s old enough that the retro design looks authentic and it fits in as well now amongst the advancing gentrification as it did “then”.

As always, it was filled with tourists and treasure hunters. We were led to a tiny shelf against the back wall where we could gleefully fuss with our gear, food and drink, uninterrupted to explore the challenges a modern agency faces receiving and delegating work.

Ooooh, the Pain

Proof Content works at scale and many of their challenges are around distributing thousands of tasks at a time across their own enormous network of writers. The management of the tasks presents difficulties not only in the process of receiving and processing deliverables, but also in the post-delivery phase – where clients have failed to upload articles to the right place and so on.

Tick for our process based workflows and Hive Tasks!

Some of the writers are ephermal and only exist for a few days where a specific skillset is needed. Paying per seat quickly gets expensive and makes no sense.

Huzzah for our billing system!

Jobs received sometimes come with missing, insufficient or wrong data. Time is wasted with back and forth or tasks simply get put off. Particularly true when jobs arrive in a number of channels and have no single source of truth.

Just as well our process based workflows support templates and act exactly as that SSoT!

Deliverables from freelancers become harder to keep track of at scale (i.e. who’s meeting deadlines, or not). Without a dashboard this type of work quickly gets out of control with manual process.

Yep, dashboards. Really simple dashboards.

The Last Word on Proof Content, by Proof Content

What is Proof Content and why is it different:

Proof Content is a content strategy and copywriting agency. We’re different because of our team – one data-obsessed Digital Marketer, two ex-journalists and an AI bot in-house. And a network of over 150 freelancer writers. We can create thousands of pages in a month, or we can find a copywriter who understands the smallest niche and write 10,000 captivating words about it.

Who we work best with:

With companies who have something to say. What we mean by that is we won’t produce any content that’s greenwashing, we won’t make it sound like you’ve done amazing things for diversity if you haven’t, and we won’t pretend your tech can solve a problem it can’t.

Almost every company has something to say, through their amazing products, their people or their great initiatives. Our clients tend to lack the time or resources to get those ideas out there. And that’s where we come in.

Top thoughts on AI-driven content:

Firstly, AI isn’t here to steal all of our jobs (not in my lifetime anyway, and I’ve got a while yet). It’s a great tool to help us become more effective writers. And we need to start using it more.

For those hidden pieces of content you need for SEO it’s amazing. It’s also a great starting point. Personally, I absolutely hate starting with a blank page – and AI has solved that for me.

We need to start thinking of AI as part of our tech stack – at the moment there isn’t one tool to do it all, but there are tools that can help with almost every aspect of the process now.

Connect to Charli Hunt on LinkedIn and check out Proof Content.