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01.099: Functional Fixed Wickedness

EP01.099 of Think! Step one in solving anything with anything.

Posted by Chris in Blogs » Think

When you’re trying to figure out a problem with a set of finite resources, going back to Dunker’s Candle Test might help.

In short – break each resource you have down into as many functions as you can think of, then see what you have to play with.

Example: A Mug

  • A waterproof vessel
  • A holder for smallish things
  • Smashed up:
    • ground up into grit
    • big pieces with sharp edges to cut
    • the handle as a hook
  • A phone amplifier
  • A stand
  • A noisemaker when struck
  • A measure
  • A circular cutter for soft things like dough
  • A circular template
  • A weapon of sorts
  • When combined with string, a basket to lower and raise

And sooooo on.

Point: you might have much more at your disposal for getting stuff done than you think.