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The Change of Plan

There’s a difference between a campaign and a crusade. We were crusading once upon a time.

Posted by Chris in Blogs » Journey
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When I began conceptualising Task Page, it was a very different beast. In fact I specified the whole thing and even built most of it all based on what I had convinced myself was what the world needed.

Then I started to talk to agency owners and, almost without exception they’d politely listen before ending with “Sound’s great” and changing the subject.

There’s only so many times you should hear that before you realise you’re wrong.

The original plan was to provide access to talent. But when we listened with honest ears, turned out the problem to fix was managing talent.

I’d intuitively known this myself after years of hiring randoms and regulars across every outsource platform known to man. Eventually the burden of re-explaining process, finding that great resource who made that something years ago or just figuring out who’s on what… it all becomes too much like hard work.

When enough people aren’t asking when they can buy your new thing – you’re running a crusade, not a campaign.

Simple as that.

Maybe you have the time / energy / money to convince yourself you can convince someone else. But it would be rare.

Far better – take a breath, step back and re-assess the situation.

All will not be lost!