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At any one time, I personally have between two to five screens beeping at me. Behind those screens are any number of suppliers, staff, clients, freelancers, friends, family, advertisers, publishers and software demanding attention.

On my desk, on stickies, in notebooks, lists, software, email, my head – is The Work (supposedly).

That’s The Problem

We have every way under the sun to organise The Work – the current darling ToDo list manager, huge project management systems, kanban boards, 3×5 cards.

All these are ubiquitous. BUT…

… we don’t have a way to do The Work.

The tools we use bring noise. Excessive notifications. Unsearchable threads. Digital detritus.

And noise eats our time.

On top of that, we over-communicate. CCs for demonstrations of work. Managerial messaging for demonstrations of control – “Just checking in on how that task is going dude?”  

Yep, it was going great until you stopped me and demanded attention thanks. And Oh I see you asked me via WhatsApp as well as Slack.

When the number of tasks you’re managing – whether delegated to you or by you – reaches more than a few – the weight of associated comms and data becomes unbearable.

We’re building the piece that’s missing – the single source of truth for each discreet task that you need to DO or DELEGATEWhere everything you need for that specific task is in one place – files, history, process, status – integrated with all the tools you currently use in the simplest possible way.

All fluff removed.

We’re having so many great conversations with agencies about The Work. Everyone has so much to say and once we get past “Yeah, we use Trello [etc]”, most owners we interview are giving us lists-of-pain as long as that email thread your client started three months ago.

Best of all, we keep hearing this:

Oh my word, if you could fix [X] that would be amazing!

Well, yes, yes we can.

If you’re an agency, freelancer, Doer or Delegator – find the pink button, hand over your email address and become part of our Founder Members’ Club.